Mannheim Arts and Film Festival

Festival Submission Rules

Short Films

The term "short film" refers to films under 40 minutes long.


Films in any language can be submitted, but the subtitles must be in English.


Submitted promotional materials may be used for the festival's promotion, but not all films accepted will be promoted.


The Mannheim Arts and Film Festival reserves the right to rearrange festival programming and location until the festival day and is not liable for any costs associated with the change.


By submitting your film, you authorize Mannheim Arts and Film Festival to show your film, or portions of it, at the festival.


Submissions are not refundable.


Manheim Arts and Film Festival accepts no responsibility for damage, loss, or liabilities caused by submitting your film to the festival.

Multiple Entries

A filmmaker may enter more than one category, and each entry may be entered in more than one category.

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